The Series

“Why you imbecile of flesh! You travesty of intellect! You white noggin pot holing figgit!”

– Captain Polinos, of the Emperors Guard

The Chronicles of Empire series is a mediaeval fantasy epic set upon another planet, within the civilisation of the Corianth Empire, an imperial commonwealth progressing from its illustrious ancient roots to a mediaeval feudalism.

Written in real time, and focusing on extensive characterisation, it follows the everyday lives of ordinary people living in extraordinary circumstances.

Concentrating upon seven initial main characters, it details on how they play a significant part in destroying that empire. . .and how they contribute to its refounding.

Meticulously researched using primary and secondary historical sources, the world of the Chronicles of Empire series draws extensively on the beliefs, politics, and daily life of ancient Rome and Byzantium, and Mediaeval Northern Europe. . .as well as a massive background world history inspired and drawing heavily from the cultures of ancient Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, not to mention the Celtic and Germanic traditions.

The Chronicles of Empire is a period work, a fantasy sci-fi, a character based comedy, an action adventure, a political thriller. But most of all, it is a dramatic exploration of the human condition at all levels. . .and, ultimately, a groundbreaking and unique work of philosophy.

When all six volumes of the Chronicles of Empire are completed, it will represent the largest literary epic ever written in the English language. The first volume has now been completed and has been entered into the publishing process.

“To think that here we are, stood before the Great Temple of Omicron, that majestic House of God, the Holiest of temples in the known empire, that first monument of shrines to the peace of Iescu, that greatest of men who gave the wisdom of the world to all who wish it and the salvation of men’s souls with it. . .and yet before these very primate of stones and the pillars of such an institution of renewal and deep reverence, Sirath stands thinking about naked women and oral sex.”