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The $50,000 Jack in the box FreeRoll

EmpirePoker.comWho doesn’t like Jack in the box surprises?

Empire Poker is offering a surprise FreeRoll, with up to $50,000 prize pool, adding a great chance for you to win money at poker, with no buy in needed!!! All you need now, is to be part of the Empire Poker action, stay tuned and be ready to jump when Jack in the box will jump him self…

How can you play?

Once the tournament will be up and opened to registration, all players will get an announcement saying:

“The “Jack in the box FreeRoll” registration has STARTED”

That will be the sign for you to enter the “Special tournament” lobby and register.

If you are quick enough to be part of the first 200 players, you’re in! For free!

When should you expect the FreeRoll?

Every day, from 7:00 till 11:59 PM ET, the tournament can show up on the special tournament lobby. If it didn’t show up today, wait for it tomorrow, as it will come with more prize money and more chance to win!

What will be the prize pool?

The Prize pool will be updated daily, and will Unique Casino show up in the client lobby.

Starting at $1000 and climbing daily, with $1000 more per day, up to $50,000, the prize will accumulate and pile up on the lobby’s message board.

After the event will be played, the prize pool will go back to $1000 and will start to accumulate again, till the next time the tournament will show up.

The tournament details are as follows:

  • Time – Unknown date. It will show up on a random timing, between 7:00 till 11:59 PM ET.
  • To enter – Be one of the first 200 players to register in the special tournament lobby.
  • Buy in – $0, a genuine free entry.
  • PrizePool – Starting at $1000 and climbing daily by $1000, up to $50,000.
  • How to register – Play at the potential time frame and wait for the announcement to show up. Once the announcement will appear, enter the “special tournament” lobby and register.


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