The Olympics has overshadowed one of the Togel Hongkong game’s best player’s retirement



With the Olympic Games hogging all the space in the papers this past week, one far more important football news story has ended being given far less fanfare than it deserves.


This week Andriy Shevchenko announced his retirement from the sport to pursue a career in politics – bringing to an end one of the greatest careers in the history of European football. Having started out with local-side Dynamo Kiev, Shevchenko’s name became more and more well known throughout the mid-nineties, before he officially burst onto the scene with a hat-trick at the Camp Nou in 1997 and another three goals against Real Madrid in the 1998 Champions League quarter final s.


It was at AC Milan where he truly cemented his name in the history books however, scoring 24 goals in his first season. He went on to become the clubs second highest all-time goalscorer, scoring another 24 goals in their 2003/04 league winning campaign under Carlo Ancelotti; he also scored the winning penalty in 2003 Champions League final and still holds the record with 14 goals scored in matches between Inter and AC Milan.


There were some low-lights however to Sheva’s career – notably missing the crucial penalty against Liverpool in the 2005 UCL final, he also endured a disappointing two years at Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea, struggling to adapt to the English game in the later years of his career.


Despite never really recovering from that slump, Shevchenko carried on, returning to former Togel Hongkong clubs AC Milan and Dynamo Kiev, with the prospect of leading out his country on home soil at Euro 2012 enough to avoid an early retirement. The games proved to be a fitting swansong for the striker who scored twice against Sweden to give Ukraine brief hopes of qualification from the group – though it wasn’t meant to be.


It’s a shame to think some people will remember Shevchenko for being a major flop at Chelsea. Luckily though there are plenty of educated football fans out there who will remember the forward for what he was …

How To Learn Togel Hongkong and Blackjack Card Counting



Blackjack Card Counting has become quite famous of late because of the new hit movie 21 being released, portraying the true story of a group of MIT students who devised a way of counting cards that was not only very effective, but also easy enough for the average human being like you or me to learn.


Counting cards is based on the principle that because the casino is using five decks of cards at the blackjack table and continues to use that same five decks constantly, if you can remember the location of all the cards — or even key cards — you’ll be able to figure out what cards are coming up next in order to place smarter bets.


So how does blackjack card counting work exactly? In short, you have to have some kind of ability to remember where certain cards are in the deck. Now short of being a mathematical genius or someone with an absolutely photographic memory, you need a method of learning how to do this. These are not card counting secrets at all, merely ways of embedding the locations of these cards into your memory; commonly called ‘memory anchoring’.


Without even knowing it, we all inadvertently anchor things in our memory almost every day. For example, is there a certain smell that triggers a certain memory to appear in your mind? Or it could be whenever you hear a certain song it brings back thoughts of a time or place in your past that has connections to it. This is exactly how memory anchoring works.


When you’re thinking about memory anchoring in this aspect of Togel Hongkong, it’s generally being imprinted by our subconscious mind without us even realising it, or even wanting it to happen. So, what we need to do is to find a way of using memory anchoring in the short term to remember cards in the blackjack deck.


Before I go any further, let me stress that you don’t need to remember every card in the deck, only critical cards which will …

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