When the Game is Good…….


Poker has almost as many constants as it does variables, and that is part of what makes it such an interesting game.  You expect that if you play in a tight, solid fashion, the money will eventually flow to you.  It may take awhile, and you may run very hot or very cold for a period of time, but realistically you will beat your game if you make enough correct decisions over a long enough sample of hands.

So far this blog has said nothing that you don’t (or shouldn’t) know, but I wanted us to consider together what will happen the next time that we are playing our normal, tight-solid game, and seemingly all the breaks are going our way.  Some might call it a “rush”, a “hot streak”, “lucky”, or whatever, but the reality is that good results can and will clump together in some places, and when they do it seems like the deck is just blatantly hitting us in the face.  We focus on what to do when the breaks are going against us – – avoiding tilt, switching games, stopping altogether for a break – – but when they are for us, the profit potential is so high that we’d be foolish NOT to have a plan.

My suggestion for you when everything is falling into place is to never be like your know-it-all Vegas buddy.  He’s got a system for everything, it seems!  He knows how to bet horses, roulette, situs slot deposit pulsa , craps, he knows all the lingo, and he always comes home a loser.  Why?  It could be a lot of things, but one thing that I’ll guarantee you doesn’t help him is his “stop-win” limit.  Basically, his stop-win limit tells him that if he shows up to the Blackjack table with $100, he will quit when either

  1. A) He has lost all $100 (they never stop where they say they will), or
  2. B) He has won $50, bringing his total stack to $150.

BUT, you and I both know that he won’t win more often than he loses, …