CyberCroupier Debuts Singapore Online Casino

CyberCroupier Group has just launched its latest online casino, Men’s Vegas. Men’s Vegas is targeted toward an all-male audience much the same way CyberCroupier’s other recent launch, Women’s Vegas, was designed to attract female players.

The well-designed site offers players updated sports stories, entertainment news, automotive information and reviews, techno stuff, gadgets, men’s fashion and health, plus all the main headlines and financial news from around the world.

Men’s Vegas has free downloadable software with state-of-the-art, 3D multi-player interactive games and a feature that allows gamblers to play their own MP3s while at the casino.

New players are eligible for a $30 welcome bonus with their first $30 minimum deposit.

The site shares many similarities to Women’s Vegas, and also plans to open casinos within the casino, each of which will have a different theme designed to appeal to the male audience.

CyberCroupier also operates four other online casinos, including Oriental Casino, Riverboat Casino, Mini Vegas, and Women’s Vegas.

“King of Las Vegas” Aims to Revolutionize Gambling

After two failed attempts at purchasing casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, Italian entrepreneur Fabrizio Boccardi (pictured here with singer Enrique Iglesias) is getting closer to unveiling his much-hyped Genesis Gaming concept and becoming the self-proclaimed “King of Las Vegas”.

Last year Boccardi offered 200 million cash to buy the legendary Desert Inn, which was later purchased by casino magnate Steve Wynn. Boccardi also tried and failed to acquire the New Frontier in 1999.

Now Boccardi and his Las Vegas-based investment company, Boccardi Capital Systems, have targeted a new, as-yet-undisclosed property for acquisition and the launch of Genesis Gaming.

“People come to Las Vegas to see something different, extreme,” said Boccardi. “Who wants to go to Las Vegas to stay in a Marriot or Hyatt or Hilton?”

Boccardi says Genesis Singapore Online Casino Gaming will be “bigger” and “more colorful” than the current Las Vegas casino gaming experience. Exactly what that means is anyone’s guess. Boccardi wouldn’t reveal his plans except to say that he is close to purchasing an existing property on the Las Vegas Strip.

He also says Genesis Gaming will …