Myths 101: One-armed Login Sbobet Banditry

Recently, I sat next to a real character on a slot machine. He believed that by playing your credits at a fast pace you could trick the computer chip inside into paying more often. He also believed in playing midweek because the casino resets the slot machines to pay less on weekends when more players are in the house. At first, I thought his theories were foolish, but he started winning, even hitting a few $100 jackpots over a period of three hours. And guess what, it was a Thursday. Any merit to his method of playing? Kate D.

About the wins – In the realm of probability, the unusual is far more usual than the usual, got it? On the amazing idiosyncratic notions of some slot players: Salt over the shoulders, hot coin play, witchcraft, voodoo dolls, (wearing a never-washed special sweater on the fifth of each month, done by a family member of mine, it’s those slick casino mailings, scheduled to arrive in the same mail as the social security checks to trigger many a fifth-of-the month trip to the casinos. Not by chance, you understand.) All hogwash, Kate. But while we are at it, let us visit a whole gaggle of common misconceptions about slots-play.


Hot (or cold) coins will produce winning results.

No way. The fever or hypothermia of the inserted coins has no consequence on the outcome of the spin. Can’t you see it now? Heavy-duty extension cords with hair dryers and icemakers attached.


A secret button loosens or tightens a Login Sbobet machine at management’s whim.

Absolutely false. The manufacturer programs most machines at the factory, and not reprogrammed weekly by slot personnel or casino management. What the casino does is to instruct the manufacturer in advance what they want each machine to return to the player. But you will never see frenzied slot employees opening the machines on Friday and tripping the weekend-sucker switches.


Slot machine combinations are programmed to go through a certain cycle, and once through that cycle, to repeat the combinations in the exact same order.

Once …