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JUNE 2003

Still a lot of work to do…

3rd – The policy of “network of domains” is already proving it’s worth – on the 27th May a fire alert at the NAC datacenter in NJ sent chroniclesofempire.COM and offline for three days – the host ( suffered a complete hard-drive failure on their main nameservers, bringing down all sites hosted with them. has now moved out from the NAC and entered into a hosting arrangement with the Peak 10 datacenters.

Currently collecting articles and general content for – reviews still coming in, and publishers contacted for marketing permissions and news content. still requires tweaking, and I am thinking very seriously about moving it to a different server and company where the site will feel more secure. Some naming errors were discovered in two sub-directories and corrected. Aside from that the site is simply waiting for a public relaunch.

chronicles-network itself has suffered problems with a server at VenturesOnline. I’m glad to say the error now appears fixed. It didn’t bring the forum down, but did prevent the main index page for the domain being served. Routine maintenance now appears to have corrected this.

An error has been discovered on the chroniclesofempire.NET site – the library index was aligned left instead of centered. Strange but now corrected.

Will look to start building up the template for and then bring together the permissions from other artists and start uploading. After that I can look to organise work in creating an entirely new history site.

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