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Nevada gaming salon rules unveiled

CARSON CITY — To be considered an ultra high roller at Las Vegas resorts, a player must wager at least $20,000 a hand in table games or $500 a pull on a slot machine.


To lure this rare breed, the 2001 Legislature passed a law permitting casinos to set up private gaming salons, so the high rollers don’t have to rub shoulders with the public.


The state Gaming Control Board has released the first draft of regulations for the salons, which will allow Nevada to compete with international casinos catering to the high-end players.


Control Board member Bobby Siller will hold a workshop 10 a.m. Sept. 25 at the Sawyer State Office Building in Las Vegas on the proposed rules.


The workshop will allow the industry to comment and suggest changes. A lot of work already has gone into to polishing the regulations, which must be passed by the Nevada Gaming Commission before any of the salons can open, Control Board Chairman Dennis Neilander said.


Casino officials told the Legislature there may be only 100 such gamblers in the world. They like to play where they are not bothered by the public and don’t have to worry about publicity in their home country or hometown.


Nevada law had required all casino Pengeluaran HK  play to be public. State regulators had the authority to grant approval for private play for special events, but they did not consider gaming salons as special events.


To open gaming salons under the new rules, casinos would apply to the state for a license and pay a non-refundable $5,000 fee. The private rooms would have to be equipped with high-powered surveillance equipment that would be connected to the offices of the Gaming Control Board, allowing agents to monitor the games.


Resort in their applications also must establish the financial standards they will require of salon players and submit a plan on how they intend to attract high-end players.


Entrance to the private rooms would be based solely on the financial ability of the player, and access could not be denied based on race, color, religion, sex or physical disability. The Control Board must be notified when a player is refused access.


Players may be accompanied by as many non-wagering guests as the casino permits. But no more than three of them will be allowed to gamble on the tables or at the slot machines. The so-called “secondary patrons” must play at least $500 a hand.


The private casinos cannot be in a bedroom or suite, and no direct entry or exit is allowed to or from any living accommodation.

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