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How to diamond paint is super easy! Let me show you how

Did you know that according to science, trying out new things will boost your creativity? If you have never given the diamond painting a try, then you should. It will stimulate the creative side of your brain and get those imaginative juices flowing.


Have you thought about trying diamond painting? This hobby is taking the world by storm, becoming very popular in a short amount of time. Now, due to pandemic lockdowns everywhere, at-home hobbies are gaining popularity. Diamond painting is a great activity to do with friends and family or by yourself, and it will definitely get that creative spark going.


Getting Started with Diamond Painting

Some hobbies are tough to get into. For some of them, you need to buy a bunch of supplies to get started and probably watch a few video tutorials to get the hang of things. That’s why so many hobbies have a hard time attracting new enthusiasts. There is a reason why diamond painting has soared in popularity over a short period of time.


When you order a diamond painting kit, you get everything needed to begin painting right away. You don’t even get that level of completeness with most sports. If you want to start playing basketball, for instance, you have to buy a hoop, a ball, and clothes separately. Diamond painting puts you right into the action immediately.


It’s super accessible, so you don’t have to worry about having to learn a lot of new skills or being very talented as an artist. Even people who can’t draw a circle can have hours of fun with diamond painting.


You can compare the level of accessibility with this hobby to that of a painting by numbers of even building a puzzle. Just like those kinds of activities, everything you need is in the box, and you don’t need any special training to get the hang of things. More about ravensburger puzzles


How to Do Diamond Painting

So, how does diamond painting work? This is no intimidating hobby. It’s so simple that anyone can pick it up and have a good time with it.


When you buy a diamond painting kit, you’ll receive all the essentials- a canvas, some colorful diamonds, instructions, some wax, a diamond pen and a sorting tray. That’s it- once you have all of that, you have enough to complete a diamond painting canvas from start to finish.


The canvas comes with a removable film that you will need to peel off, exposing a sticky side. The diamonds will adhere to that, but you don’t just pick up the diamonds with your fingers and place them. That would be imprecise and tough to do for anyone who doesn’t have super steady fingers. Don’t try that method; it will only end in disaster… and lots of crooked diamonds.


Instead, use the provided diamond pen to pick up and place the colorful diamonds. This handy tool will be your primary way of interacting with the diamonds.


Before you start putting the diamonds where they go on the canvas, you should sort them in the tray. You can sort them by color to make them easier to place, which is how I do it.




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