Google Adwords Book of Secrets: 18 Things You Didn’t Know Adwords


Making money online revolves around getting traffic to your site. Obviously, there are many other things you need to be able to do, but without traffic nothing else will work. You can’t test various versions of your sales page, for example, without enough traffic. One of the most popular methods to drive a lot of targeted traffic and to get it quickly, is using Adwords, and the best way to make sure you get the most out of it is to find a good adwords course.

For any of you who may not be familiar with what adwords is, it is a pay per click (PPC) model that allows advertisers to place ads on the pages of search results. These ads are keyword optimized and when someone clicks on the ad they will be taken to the website of the person who placed the ad.

As the name implies, the advertiser will only pay when someone clicks on their ad. This can be a great way to generate a lot of traffic to your website and since the people who see your ads are the people who are searching for the specific keyword you used when you placed the ad, you know that the visitors you get are really interested in your product or service. Or, put another way, the traffic is very targeted.

This is A Complete, Step-By-Step Guide That Will Show You The Exact Steps Necessary To Set Up A Plug & Play Automated Affiliate Marketing Funnel, Which You Can Use In Any Market and for ANY Niche. For any Translation related help, visit Translation Agencies UK


The example presented in this eBook can work in any kind of online business. Whether you are an affiliate promoting your own product or someone else’s product, it doesn’t really matter. It works for either, even if you operate an offline business.

Simply put, this is for any marketer, whether it be your online or offline business. It doesn’t matter what niche or what market you’re in.


When you’re done reading this eBook, you will know everything you need to know about how to establish your own fully operational niche funnel.

Besides this simple guide, you will also need specific tools to be able to build it. For example, a website builder, email provider, and access to online traffic.

This eBook will give you the tools that you need, and the exact steps you’ll need to do this. Afterward, you can take what you have learned, sit down, set it up, and start driving traffic to it—just like that!

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