Chronicles of Empire and Emperor

This massive epic fantasy project has already been over 8 years in the making.

“EMPEROR – First Apocalypse”, which covers the final days of the Chronicles of Empire world, is in the final stages of editing and is likely to be submitted for publishing in June.

The first Chronicles of Empire novel – “Volume 1: GATHERING” is still undergoing destructive editing, and will not be forwarded for publication for a while yet.

As it’s taken me nearly eight years to get this far I have a lot of resources, some of which I’ve placed online for free use in the library – from short stories to info tables, plus a complete 750+ page GATHERING Encyclopaedia, which introduces a range of elements from the writing (please note that this has not yet been updated for the newer look).

Epic Fantasy and Speculative Fiction

Currently undergoing a new design ethic, this domain is about to expand.

Over the coming weeks and months, two new subdomains will open up – F/SF Universe, and History Now.

F/SF Universe will bring you news and reviews and commentaries on books and films in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

History Now will open up a series of short articles covering a whole range of issues relating to the ancient to mediaeval worlds of the Mediterranean basin – everything from major battles to everyday living.

If you’d like to contribute then do visit here for further information.

catastrophic server failure

We are back online after almost 9 days down. I’ll get more information into the forums, onceI’ve uploaded a recovered version.

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