Nevada gaming salon rules unveiled

CARSON CITY — To be considered an ultra high roller at Las Vegas resorts, a player must wager at least $20,000 a hand in table games or $500 a pull on a slot machine.


To lure this rare breed, the 2001 Legislature passed a law permitting casinos to set up private gaming salons, so the high rollers don’t have to rub shoulders with the public.


The state Gaming Control Board has released the first draft of regulations for the salons, which will allow Nevada to compete with international casinos catering to the high-end players.


Control Board member Bobby Siller will hold a workshop 10 a.m. Sept. 25 at the Sawyer State Office Building in Las Vegas on the proposed rules.


The workshop will allow the industry to comment and suggest changes. A lot of work already has gone into to polishing the regulations, which must be passed by the Nevada Gaming Commission before any of the salons can open, Control Board Chairman Dennis Neilander said.


Casino officials told the Legislature there may be only 100 such gamblers in the world. They like to play where they are not bothered by the public and don’t have to worry about publicity in their home country or hometown.


Nevada law had required all casino Pengeluaran HK  play to be public. State regulators had the authority to grant approval for private play for special events, but they did not consider gaming salons as special events.


To open gaming salons under the new rules, casinos would apply to the state for a license and pay a non-refundable $5,000 fee. The private rooms would have to be equipped with high-powered surveillance equipment that would be connected to the offices of the Gaming Control Board, allowing agents to monitor the games.


Resort in their applications also must establish the financial standards they will require of salon players and submit a plan on how they intend to attract high-end players.


Entrance to the private rooms would be based solely on the financial ability of the player, and access could …

Slot Tournament Poker for Advanced Players

The poker playing public’s appetite for bigger and higher-stakes poker tournaments seems almost insatiable. As these events have become more popular, several authors have taken a crack at writing the definitive book about tournament poker, and to date, none have excelled in this task. Now David Sklansky, a supremely talented poker writer, makes his attempt to tackle this topic.

As this is part of Two Plus Two’s “for Advanced Slot Players” series, the reader is assumed to be familiar with basic poker tournament protocol and understand how to play ring game (non-tournament) poker well. While some introductory information is still included, it is kept brief. Less experienced players would be well advised to read books such as Texas Hold’em for Advanced Players and a more introductory tournament book, such as Poker Tournament Strategies.

After the introduction, Sklansky starts with new material, including an explanation of an important principle he calls “The Gap Concept”. Simply stated, in a tight game it is often correct to fold hands to a raise that a player would have raised with if nobody had already raised before it was the player’s turn to act. While this principle has been written about before and will certainly be familiar to any winning mid-limit poker player, this is the best explanation of this phenomenon, why it occurs, and how to use it to advantage. It is especially important here, because poker tournaments tend to feature tighter play than ring games.

Sklansky then moves on to discuss some general tournament ideas, including how to adjust one’s play at various levels of a tournament, how players might adjust their play depending on when or whether their table will be broken up, and playing (and playing against) short stacks versus large stacks. Some of this advice has been discussed in other books or articles before, but much of it hasn’t, and Sklansky always provides strong arguments to support the positions he takes.

Next, Sklansky addresses other tournament issues including deal making, last longer bets, and special circumstances surrounding no-limit events. This last topic includes an explanation of a no-limit Hold’em strategy …

Pick Your UFAProfit Pool

At the greyhound track bettors usually have as many as 12–14 wagering pools to select from. Along with the usual win, place, and show pools will be the “semi-exotic” wagers, such as daily doubles, perfecta/exactas, and quinielas. And, at most tracks more elaborate wagers will also be available, such as the trifecta, superfecta, pick 3, pick 6, double quiniela, tri/super, etc. (One wonders which track will first offer the octafecta, in which the finish order of all eight dogs must be selected!)

Why are so many different types of wagers offered? Clearly, it’s because the track wants to offer the fans as many ways to wager as possible, to create the largest possible handle. The track, deducting a percentage of from 18–25% from each dollar wagered, is more than happy to provide a wager to fit every fan’s wish! Furthermore, track owners delight when the more exotic pools provide really impressive multi-thousand dollar pay-offs, creating great publicity for the track! (If you think those really big pay-offs hurt the track, or are truly “generous,” you don’t understand pari-mutuel wagering!)

In previous articles we’ve talked about statistical handicapping techniques, how to apply this to the situational aspect of race prediction, and how to fit your wagering approach to your handicapping skill level. To regularly walk away from the dog track with a profit you need to develop the ability to select the correct pool(s) to wager into. There are few pat answers. First, forget the show pool, there’s no profit to be made there at any track. Likewise, the place pool is an unwise wager, except perhaps when wagering on simulcast in Nevada, where greyhound wagering is not co-mingled, and your wagers do not “dilute” the pay-off odds. A few UFA experts claim that a potential profit can be made in the win pool, but this is only true if the bettor selects only certain types of races on which to wager—perhaps a ratio of 2 or 3 races out of a 15 race card. Across the board, mutuel favorites and “expert’s” selections only win about 25–29% of the time. That’s …

Gambling ligaz888 Online: Choosing a casino

I’ve heard that there are over 1400 online casinos operating on the Internet. While I can’t vouch for that number, I do know that there are many, many sites out there. And, of course, every site claims to offer fair games and quick payouts. Knowing which sites are really trustworthy is very important. My method is simple: Stick to the biggest and most reputable sites. Online casinos don’t become popular without treating their players fairly.

The first thing I want to know about an online casino is: Who created the software? There are six or seven companies that are widely used for online gaming software, and also many less popular second-tier software providers. Almost all of my play has been at sites that use one of the ‘Big Three’ software providers.

Cryptologic: These casinos include my long-time sponsor, The Sands of the Caribbean, as well as 49er Casino, Omni Casino, Intercasino, and others. All of their E-cash services are provided by an independent company called E-Cash Direct. I’ve never had any delays or problems with any of the Cryptologic-powered casinos that I’ve tried. Many of these casinos also offer a recurring monthly bonus of $50 every month, which is hard to beat. The blackjack rules are not bad, except they use an 8-deck game. As a group, the sites that use Cryptologic are among the biggest and most reputable to be found, and the monthly bonuses are a nice perk.

Boss Media: This is my favorite software to play. It’s attractive, fast, easy, and there are a fair number of casinos to choose from. Signup bonuses are typical, and the blackjack rules offered are quite good. In the past, Boss Media had two different versions: Single Player and Multi Player. Most casinos have switched to offering only the Multi Player version. If you can still find the Single Player version somewhere, it offers one of the best blackjack games on the net, with single deck, S17, DAS. The Multi Player offers the same rules, but it’s a 6 deck game. E-cash is handled by an outside company called WebDollar. I’ve …

Ace Speaks: About Draws in Sbobet88

Most of the time, if you’ve got a made hand in poker (for example, JT in hold’em and the flop comes JT3), you will bet your hand. If you’re drawing (let’s say you have Q9 against the same board), you may very well decide to check. In fact, checking and calling is the natural thing to do when you have a drawing hand. However, this isn’t always automatic. In limit poker, you’re going to have to bet your draws as well as your made hands sometimes to avoid becoming too predictable. Betting a draw on the flop (or even the turn) is sometimes referred to as semi-bluffing. That is: you would like everybody to fold since you don’t have anything yet, but if you get called you might win the pot anyway by making your hand.

Some people (especially rocks or weak-tight players) don’t like it when players bet their draws aggressively. They will make remarks like: “Why did you bet? You had nothing yet”. In the game I like best (pot-limit Omaha) you will never hear comments like this. In this game, the big draw is often king; draws are often favorite over made hands on the flop. Drawing hands can and should therefore often be played aggressively. Now, let’s take a look at how to play drawing hands in three of the most popular poker games: limit hold’em, limit stud and pot-limit Omaha.

Draws in limit hold’em.

You may have heard limit hold’em is no drawing game. This is true to a large degree, because it’s harder to draw out in Sbobet88 hold’em than in any other game. Most of all, this means hold’em is a kicker game: if you’ve got AK, there’s an ace on the board and your opponent is playing a bad ace, you figure to make a lot of money (he has to hit his kicker to win). It doesn’t mean straight or flush draws shouldn’t be played.

In fact, drawing hands can be very profitable in hold’em, especially if the game is loose (lots of preflop callers) and passive (not a lot of …

Situs Judi Online Player Can’t Collect Winnings from Gambling Stadium

A player who says he won over $6,000 at Gambling Stadium and $14,000 at OffShore Action has had his withdrawal requests declined by both online casinos.

“I won $6000 at Gambling Stadium over a weekend and when I tried to withdraw the money, my request was denied,” said player Robert K. “They couldn’t believe I could win that much so fast. They claimed I was manipulating the data to win. This is not true and I believe it is nothing but a lame excuse not to pay a fairly big winner.”

The player says Gambling Stadium refused to pay him because he was removed from the database of an affiliate casino, OffShore Action. When he won $14,404 at OffShore Action, the casino told him he was manipulating the craps game.

The player denies that he cheated. “I play these casino games honestly and fairly. I increase my bet when I’m losing and I either win big or I get wiped out. But all I do is place my bet, click a button to roll the dice and then a number comes up.

“Just because I was able to win, it doesn’t mean that I manipulated their data or I’m a robot or whatever their excuse is this week.”

Neither casino has responded to Winneronline’s requests for comment.

Both Gambling Stadium and OffShore Action use Situs Judi Online software licensed from Unified Gaming. When contacted by Winneronline, Unifed Gaming placed the responsibility for settling the disputes squarely on the shoulders of the casinos.

“The financial relation between the licensees of Unified Gaming and their clients is primarily their responsibility, and is outside the scope of possible control of Unified Gaming as software provider,” said a Unifed Gaming spokesperson.

“Unified Gaming highly values that her licensees do honor their financial obligations towards their clients. However, disputes about pay outs may be based on the applicability of each individual licensee’s business and/or gaming policy, which policy is determined by each licensee and not by Unified Gaming.”

Unified Gaming has not ruled out the possibility of intervening in a player dispute but only when …

Net Judi Online Terpercaya Gambling may be Struck from Terrorist Bill

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Act may be striken from the HR 3004 legislation.

Actions on the US House of Representatives Bill HR3004, the proposed Financial Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 may be taken as early as today.

The bill, which has 18 House of Representative sponsors, covers numerous laws than strengthen existing money laundering legislation and includes clauses for reporting “suspicious” financial activity. HR 3004 also contains two sections (303 and 304) known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act, which were incorporated in the bill’s creation.

It appears, however, that the two sections are ‘out of place’ and have since caused significant dissent.

According to our sources, both sections may be removed today. The bill is currently in the Finance Committee, which will take one of the following options: (1) send it to the House Floor tomorrow for a vote (where it may be amended) or (2) send it to the Rules Committee today.

CryptoLogic Double Bonus Video Poker

It isn’t easy finding a bet with a player advantage, either in real Judi Online Terpercaya casinos or on the Internet. However, CryptoLogic released a video poker game with their new Version 4 software that offers a theoretical return of 100.04%. This includes the 0.1% cash back and assuming optimal player strategy.

The game is Double Bonus, and the following chart shows what each hand pays, the probability, and the contribution to the expected return.

The lower right cell shows a return of 99.94%; adding 0.1% cash back results in a return of 100.04%.

Remember that this return assumes optimal player strategy. In other words, the player plays his cards to maximize his expected return 100% of the time. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any strategy card designed for this game specifically.

Video Poker Strategy Master software by Tom Ski can produce near optimal strategy for most any video poker game, however, and the user may specify any pay table. This product is a must buy for any serious video poker player.

Terrorist Legislation Passes, Spares Net Gambling

The U.S. House of Representatives today passed HR 3004, more commonly known as …

Weird and Wonderful — Part 1

Definitely weird, but I’m not so sure about the wonderful — local rules, that is. Despite my threats not to attend the Tunica tournament this past January, I got roped in at the last minute. And while there, I came across a couple of rules that were mind-boggling, to say the least.


The tournament ran what were called “ultra-supersatellites.” They were well-structured, reasonably slow freezeout events, and although I in fact won my seat into the $10,000 main event through one of them, it almost came to a sad end. However, they don’t call me Golden Ovaries for nothing. I had just won a mega three-way pot by hitting one of my only two outs, and because I in the process had eliminated the other two unlucky players, our table was broken up and we were on the move. Nobody said anything, there were no racks in sight and no help at hand, and I had a mountain of chips to carry, as well as my drink. I could have batted my eyelids and pleaded female helplessness, hoping one of those Southern gentlemen would come to the rescue of a damsel in distress, but as much as I envy those women who manipulate the weaker sex into doing everything for them, I have never mastered that fine art. So, I stuffed all of my chips into various pockets and rushed over to my new seat, hot to trot. Needless to say, before I could sit down, I had to empty my pockets, and whilst doing so, all the action stopped, and all eyes turned to me. I was standing there thinking, wow, they’ve never seen so many chips, and that’s why they’re gaping in silent awe. But no, those Southern gentlemen had smelled blood! I had committed a cardinal sin, and the floorman was called to make a ruling; chips are not to be pocketed under any circumstances. A nice floorman came over to ask if I had indeed pocketed the chips. When I told him, “Yes, all of them,” he looked at me in total disbelief and shook …

Morten Olsen Interview on Situs Domino99

After San Marino’s Giampaolo Mazza, Denmark’s Morten Olsen is the longest serving international manager in Europe in charge of the national team since July 2000. Andy Greeves speaks to the former star midfielder about his playing days, managerial ambitions and an upcoming friendly with England.


When the 20th FIFA World Cup kicks off in Brazil this summer, spare a thought for Denmark and Morten Olsen. In qualification, the Dane’s had all but booked their place in the play-offs as a best runner-up, leading Group B rivals Italy 2-1 in Copenhagen on October 13, 2013 at the end of 90 minutes.

Alberto Aquilani sneaked a stoppage time equaliser for the Situs Domino99 visitors though and despite a 6-0 win over Malta in the final group match, Olsen’s men had missed out on a play-off place by one point.


“We were very unlucky in qualification,” sighs Olsen. “Had it not been for (Alberto) Aquilani’s stoppage time goal, we would have made it into the play-offs for qualification for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and then who knows. It wasn’t our time in 2014, but we’ve qualified four times for big tournaments under my management and now I’m after a fifth with qualification for UEFA Euro 2016.”


Not only has Olsen been a manager of Danish teams at the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championships, but as a player he also wore the famous red shirt at these competitions. He captained the side which qualified for Euro ’84 – Denmark’s first major tournament since the Olympic Games of 1972 – and they subsequently went on the reach the semi-final, losing to Spain on penalties. Two years later, the Dane’s reached their first ever World Cup, the same year as Olsen was voted Danish Player of the Year.


“1986 was the first FIFA World Cup tournament that Denmark had ever qualified for, so it was a massive thing for the whole country, not just the players involved,” recalls Olsen. “We performed very well in our group, winning all three games against Scotland (1-0 on June 4, 1986), Uruguay (6-1 …

England squad Judi Online announcement



Roy Hodgson has revealed a 21-man squad England squad for the Euro 2016 qualifiers at home to San Marino on Thursday the 9th of October and then away to Estonia on Sunday the 12th.


Goalkeepers: Joe Hart (Man City), Fraser Forster (Southampton), Ben Foster (West Brom

Defenders: Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka & John Stones (Everton), Gary Cahill (Chelsea), Nathaniel Clyne (Southampton), Kieran Gibbs (Arsenal)

Midfielders: Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea), Fabian Delph (Aston Villa), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain & Jack WIlshere (Arsenal), Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling & Adam Lallana (Liverpool), James Milner (Man City), Andros Townsend (Tottenham)

Forwards: Wayne Rooney (Man Utd), Rickie Lambert (Liverpool), Danny Welbeck (Arsenal)

Roy Hodgson continues his rebuilding for the future with a number of unfamiliar faces in his squad, knowing a home win over San Marino is all but a given and Estonia away should pose few problems.


Youth is definitely the emphasis with Wayne Rooney now an unlikely veteran, but the assured performance in midweek of 33 year-old Ashley Cole for Roma against Manchester City will have given the England manager pause for thought.


Daniel Sturridge misses out through injury, leaving only a Judi Online trio of strikers, although Danny Welbeck’s hat-trick for Arsenal in the Champions League against Galatasary last night will have comforted Hodgson.


After a miserable World Cup campaign in Brazil, England got off to the best possible start in their race to Euro 2016 by winning 2-0 away at their biggest group rivals Switzerland.

Six points from these two games will put The Three Lions in the driving seat in Group E as the other group opponents Lithuania and Slovenia are unlikely to give the F.A. sleepless nights.


Champions League qualification from Group E will be going to the wire with bet365 asking where Manchester City will finish.


The Sergio Aguero inspired side are 10/11 to nab the all-important second spot, 6/1 to finish third and end up in the Europa League and 11/8 to finish bottom of the pile after their comeback against runaway group leaders Bayern Munich on Tuesday night.


bet365’s Steve …

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