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Biggest Win Ever in a Flash Agen Joker123 Casino

PRESS RELEASE – Jackpot Madness announced this week that lucky player Darleen W., Healthcare Professional, won a huge jackpot of $77,104.09 playing Cash Splash at the new Big Flash Casino.


In an exclusive interview following her win, Darleen told us, “my day-to-day life will be much easier to face. With this opportunity, I will be able to focus on the simplicity of just living and enjoying each precious moment.”


More specifically, the lucky Pisces will use her winnings primarily to give to family and charity, invest wisely and like most people, “pay some bills.” Darleen’s free-time activities include planting flowers and she tells us she just loves the progressive slots.


Following her mega-win, Darleen’s good luck streak continued as she went on to win a total of $5,805 on three of Big Flash’s slots games: Goblins Gold, Cool Buck and Zany Zebra.


Big Flash Casino is one of the 70 casinos connected to the Jackpot Madness gaming portal. Offering 25 games in total, the casino features a flash version of the extremely popular progressive slots. The accessibility of these click and play games ensure a wider appeal to those people who prefer not to take the time to download software.


Access to play is immediate and the games are produced to the highest standards by Microgaming’s dedicated development team. In every way, these games match the download version for instant fun and playability.


“Flash casinos are the trend of the future,” commented Ms. Kim Lang, Customer Support Director for Big Flash Casino. “We are thrilled with the enthusiastic response of the online gambling community to Big Flash and are confident that the ease-of-use of no-download casinos will continue to attract loyal players in large numbers.


We find it quite rewarding that the biggest jackpot ever won in a flash casino was Darleen’s Cash Splash win and anticipate that this milestone was the first of many record-breaking Big Flash triumphs.”


Punter Lingo – Roulette Bets

Most people get the general gist of how roulette is played, but those who haven’t actually played Agen Joker123 the game might be a bit surprised at how many different bets can be made.


The first distinction to make is which type of roulette you’re playing. In single zero roulette there are 36 red and black numbers on the table (and on the wheel) plus a green zero. The house edge for single zero, or European, roulette is 2.7 percent.


Double zero, or American, roulette is the same except there is an additional green number–the double zero. The house edge for double zero roulette is 5.26 percent. [Always play single zero roulette when you have a choice. – Ed.]


The next distinction is between “inside bets” and “outside bets.” Inside best are those that are made within the grid of numbers on the table. The odds for winning inside bets are much worse than the odds for winning outside bets. Of course, the pay-offs are higher for inside bets.


Following are the possible inside bets:


Six-Number Line Bet: A bet made on a block of six numbers (taking up two rows) on the table. Winning bets pay 5 to 1.


Five-Number Line Bet: A bet made on a block of five numbers. Winning bets pay out 6 to 1.


Square Bet: A made on a block of four numbers (8-1).


Split Bet: A bet made on two numbers next to each other (17-1)


Straight Bet: A bet made on single number (35-1)


Outside bets are those which are placed on various groups of numbers. Following are the possible outside bets:


Even-Money: A bet that pays off 1 to 1. These bets include the high-low bet (on the numbers 1-18 or 19-36), the black/red bet (on all black numbers or on all red numbers) and even/odd bet.


Column Bet: These consist of picking one of the three columns of numbers on the table. They pay out at 2-1.


Dozen Bet: A bet on either 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. These also pay out at 2-1.




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