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How does the WPT compare to say the slot gacor circuit in that regard? The truth is frightening, unless you are especially conductive. At a Circuit event the blinds increase on average by 30% in each round. At headsup the players had about 200 big blinds of play between them. All good. In the rollin’ dem bones WPT the blinds increase by 60-70% each round, and at headsup the players have an amazing 70 or so big blinds between them. Which often then turns into 30. So with often nearly $500k to $1million to play for, skill has effectively been removed from the equation.

This is basically turning the WPT less into a sport – no surprise there – and more into a bad reality TV show. This is bad for poker for several reasons. Foremost, if other TV teaches us anything, is that people get easily bored with reality TV after awhile. Not in the general, where there is mountains of the inane crap, but in the particular, where shows quickly die after several series or less. Also, and especially so for the poker is sport lunacy crowd, sponsorship will never be interested in the game until there are recognisable characters. Series one promised this, but now every Tom, Dick and Harry is winning an event. Investment does not follow the anonymous.

So although I am envious of the strike it rich crowd I still steer clear of the tournament scene as I know that I just couldn’t cope with the most important poker experience of my life coming down to red and black, odd and even.

Bluff kindly gave me a kick to put up a new post, so you have him to blame. I really enjoy 2+2. Not in any productive way, to do with actually playing poker and improving my game, rather just all the shit and patheticness and noise. It seems very similar to a pornography addiction, without worrying about being caught out by the wife. The HSNL forum is a sewer. Most posts revolve around people guessing what the other posters will say …

World Series of Online Casino Malaysia


The 9 bracelets allowing to participate in the final of the Main Event have therefore found their very deserving owners.

For this 39 edition, this is Online Casino Malaysia, Eric Buchman, Steven Begleiter, Jeff Shulman, Joseph Cada, Kevin Schaffel and James Akenhead. We will also note the presence of the legendary Phil Ivey, holder of 7 bracelets, but also of the young and talented 25-year-old Frenchman, Antoine Saout.

The championship takes place as a No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament with an initial bet of $10,000. The winner will be awarded the sum of $8.5 million and the loser is already sure to leave with $1.25 million.

In comparison last year the first, Peter Eastgate pocketed $9.1 million with Ace diamonds 5 spades against Ivan Demidov and 2 hearts 4 hearts.

The championship takes place over 3 days, the final being played on November 9 with a broadcast on the 10th on ESPN and on RTL9 in France.

About the WSOP

Held annually since 1970 in Las Vegas, the World Series of Poker, commonly abbreviated as the WSOP, are the world championships of poker. During the WSOP, several tournaments are played (in 2023, 57 tournaments). The entry price for a tournament varies between $1,500 and $50,000. The winner of each tournament wins money and a bracelet for the “Main Event”. The main tournament is the Main Event, it is a No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament with an entry price of $10,000.

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Sexton was born in Indiana on September 22, 1947, graduated from Ohio State University in “Public recreation”, he began his professional career, after the army, as a representative. Seeing that he was more successful in poker than in business, he devoted himself to it in 1977. As he was also involved in coaching the baseball team of the “Little League”, a charity organization for young prevented him from participating …

What Is slot online Game?


slot online is a card game in which players mainly act on betting with protocols to speed up play and develop security while playing. Different games are played using different bets and variations. There is a fun88 bet poker room which is described as a room usually in casinos that is for playing poker which works similar to a card room. The rules and protocols are watched by the majority of poker players.

Online poker refers to a similar game but is played online. Online platforms are comparatively cheaper as they have lesser expenses. There are a majority of questions that arise when one talks about w88 poker.

How Does It Earn Profit from

Online poker websites charge fees, for almost every move you make on a poker room, known as “Rake” then they apply the marketing tool that they keep for the greatest part of that rake and give players the incentive to play even more by offering them “rake back”. This cycle continues. Online poker platforms also charge some fees for entering the game from each of the players which is another way to earn profits from the interested audience. Poker sites make money indirectly as well. The largest source of revenue for online poker platforms is by intelligently investing player deposits.


How did it gain popularity?

As online poker was introduced more and more people are getting attracted to online gambling games. It has gained popularity as it is not just for those playing with a big cash amount but there are also a large number of players with absolutely no money at all. Many poker players started their careers with zero and have won tournaments. Poker gained popularity when teenagers started choosing it as their career option and started playing it professionally.

One of the interesting facts is that a lot of online poker players are thriving in by day despite some of many legal hurdles.

Online poker has witnessed appreciable growth throughout the world in the last few years. Nevertheless, due to negative perception only fewer online poker platforms are available and with …

Lawful Financial debt Helpers With regard to Taxations — Have you been Dealing with the Financial debt Load from Taxes Period?


Huge numbers of people who’re mired underneath the fill of the unprotected overdue financial obligations find it difficult to discover their own method from the financial debt scenario. An individual dealing with the Brassica financial debt scenario in the taxes period could be truly intimating as well as difficult and also the methods for getting from the scenario could be — solving an individual’s financial debt through decreasing your debt or even through creating the payment strategy by using monetary experts.

You will get lawful financial debt assist in other ways as if you may possibly employ the financial debt lawyer who’ll you also show you ways to get from financial debt or even you are able to consider providers associated with negotiation as well as loan consolidation businesses who’ll negotiate your own taxes financial obligations as well as will help you recover your own manage about the financial situation through strategizing efficient programs for you personally. Your debt difficulties is available in numerous types during the time of taxes repayment which range from the through small company towards the individuals who’ve inadequate cash to pay for their own goverment tax bill inside a difficult financial situation. An individual dealing with this kind of circumstances may possibly get in touch with an expert who’ll enable you to get repayment expansion or even decrease in the actual exceptional stability along with simple monthly obligations to get gone your own load as quickly as possible. You may also consider lawful assist as well as focus on payment programs which may be very sensible as well as enable you to relieve the actual monetary load very easily. You are able to set up the simple payment strategy through phoning the local lawful INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE workplace.

Taxes repayment is essential lawful legal responsibility sustained through the federal government that everybody ought to stick to as well as abides through within the because of time period. An individual along with financial obligations may find it hard to spend taxes promptly however he is able to usually consider lawful assist and may choose negotiation …

Sarah Jones’ Lawsuit Against The Dirty: Will Her Winning Judgment Be Upheld?


The fate of former NFL cheerleader Sarah Jones’ federal defamation lawsuit against celebrity gossip website The Dirty remains up in the air, according to reports. For any Translation related help, visit Translation Agency UK

Sarah Jones won the suit and a $338,000 judgment last summer.

The verdict was so unprecedented, however, that it prompted some of the country’s largest companies to file briefs asking the appellate court to reverse the decision.

Now, it looks destined to go before the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2012, high school teacher Jones pleaded guilty to criminal charges and admitted that she had sex with a 17-year-old student she taught at Dixie Heights H.S.

She later became engaged to the student.

Like a lot of websites, TheDirty (dot) com allows commenters to leave posts, some of which could be considered offensive. Or in this case, defamatory.

Jones, for one, said she was offended by two that said she’d had sex with every Bengals player on the team and likely had gonorrhea and chlamydia.

The teacher, who also cheered for the NFL franchise on weekends, filed a defamation lawsuit against the site owned by Shayne Lamas’ husband Nik Richie.

Jones sued and won, as U.S. District Judge William Bertelsman ruled the site wasn’t shielded from liability by the Communications Decency Act of 1996.

Bertelsman ruled that because Richie comments on people’s posts and invites people to post “dirt,” he’s responsible for the content posted by others.

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For example, in a post claiming that Jones had diseases, Richie allegedly wrote, “Why are high school teachers freaks in the sack?” and signed his first name.

Lawyers representing both Jones and TheDirty (dot) com will present their cases before the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati this month.

Legal experts say that if the verdict against the celebrity gossip site isn’t overturned at the appellate level, the case could land in the nation’s highest court.

“The decision at the trial court level was …

BMW E31 8 Series


The E31 8 series was introduced in 1989. It was available as 2 door coupe.

There was one model available: the 850i wich had a twelve cylinder engine with 300 HP and a top speed of 250 km/h. In 1993 the 850Ci replaced the 850i. There were also two new models available: the 840Ci and the 850CSi. The 840Ci had an eight cylinder engine with 286 HP. The 850 CSi had a twelve cylinder that had 380 HP. The 850CSi had a special M package wich included M style wheels and mirrors. In 1994 the 850Ci received more power. It now had 326 HP. In 1996 the 840 Ci received a new engine but there were no changes in power or top speed. The 850CSi went out of production in 1997.

All other 8 Series were available until 1999. There is no new 8 Series available.

BMW E26 M1

The E26 M1 was introduced in 1979. This was the first M model ever build. It had a six cylinder engine with 277 HP and a top speed of 262 km/h. The M1 was designed by Giugiaro. It went out of production in 1981.

BMW E30 M3

The first M3 was introduced in 1986. It was based on the E30 3 series. It had a four cylinder engine with 200 HP. It was also available with catalist. This model had 195 HP. In 1989 the M3 received a new engine with 215 HP. There was also a convertible available. This model was introduced in 1988 and was available until 1991. This model had a four cylinder with 200 HP. In 1992 a new M3 was introduced so the E30 M3 went out of production.

Evolution 2: This model was available in 1988 as Evolution 2.

The Evolution 2 had a 2.3 litre engine with 220 HP and a top speed of 244 km/h.

Some differences between the standard M3 and the Evolution 2 included a higher compression ratio, some lighter bodyparts, a deeper front spoiler and bigger wheels. The Evolution 2 was available in Misano Red, Macao Blue or Nogaro …

Beginner Forex Trading: What Is It All About?


For a beginner forex trading may seem to be a whole new world but in fact the basics are quite easy to learn. You just need to understand the buzz words and trading terms and grasp a basic understanding of how the markets work.

Making big money in a short time is what funded trader forex trading is all about! It is possible for investors to make a lot of money very fast because the rates of exchange on the foreign market can rise and fall quickly. This means of course that it is risky and there is also a chance of losing a lot, just like most things in life that have the potential of big returns.

As you will know if you have ever exchanged currency for a vacation, the rates are constantly changing. For example you may change $100 into another currency planning to travel, and then find that you do not need it and change it back. The rate will probably have changed in the meantime and you may even have made a profit.

Forex traders deal in currencies hoping to make a profit all of the time, but instead of changing money at the bank they use a broker. Most transactions these days are handled online. In many ways it is not so different from stock trading. There is the same potential to trade in margins where a small balance held by your broker can control much larger deals.

One difference from stock exchange trading is that forex traders are not limited to dealing in their own country. You can trade any two currencies regardless of where you live. This also means that the market is international. Because of time zone differences, it is open 24 hours a day from Monday morning in Australia to Friday afternoon in New York.

Each currency is represented by 3 letters: USD for the US dollar, GBP for the British pound, EUR for the Euro, JPY for the Japanese Yen, CHF for the Swiss franc, CAD for the Canadian dollar, AUD for the Australian dollar etc. The exchange …

Back To School: crypto Custodian Revenue Recognition Restatement


Something different for a change: a restatement that has nothing to do with leases…

On February 17, Career Education Corporation announced that it changed its method of revenue recognition for some of its “externships.” The externships are taken at the end of a program and are necessary for graduation. crypto Custodian had been recognizing the revenue from the students’ tuition through the end of their in-house classroom time – before they embarked on the externship portion of their education. Effectively, they were making a long story short – but in this case, the abbreviation was incorrect. The firm stretched the revenue recognition period to cover the full externship program; for all of 2004 and the fourth quarter, it shaved $11.5 million and $3.4 million in revenue and $0.06 and $0.02 per diluted share after taxes, respectively.

The firm restated its earnings all the way back to 2000. Here’s how the effect on diluted EPS played out:

2004, as reported – $1.77. Restated – $1.71. % overstatement – 3.5%

2003, as reported – $1.19. Restated – $1.11. % overstatement – 7.2%

2002, as reported – $0.71. Restated – $0.65. % overstatement – 9.2%

2001, as reported – $0.42. Restated – $0.39. % overstatement – 7.7%

2000, as reported – $0.28. Restated – $0.25. % overstatement – 12.0%

Well, better late than never. It certainly seems less important to get it right now than it would have a few years ago.

Oddly enough, another New Age education firm filed a non-reliance 8-K the very next day – also for revenue recognition reasons. Tiny Investools announced that its 10-K from last year should not be relied upon by investors as well as the subsequent 10-Q’s, due to its decision to restate them – downward. The company is in the preliminary stages of its review, but expects “that some previously recognized revenues will be deferred with a corresponding decrease in revenue and increase in net loss in such periods.”

Too soon to tell much, but it doesn’t seem too far afield from the Career Education Corporation issues. Now, if a third for-profit education …

Miss Ryland Says Nose Surgery Drastic, But No Regrets


Miss Ryland of Whales was 21 years old when she finally decided to have nose surgery. Since 12 years of age, the profile of Miss Ryland’s nose had bothered her. Yet, it was a facebook comment from a friend that prompted her to have nose surgery at 21 years of age. The friend’s comment, “With a nose that big you should wear a mask to cover it up.”, sent Miss Ryland into the plastic surgeon’s office for nose surgery two weeks later.

Soon after, Miss Ryland entered the Miss Caerphilly pageant in Whales and was the second runner up. In the end, Miss Ryland felt that nose surgery was dramatic, but seems to feel great about the results of the procedures. Miss Ryland is not unlike many other nose surgery patients. It is not vanity that drives people into plastic surgeons’ offices for nose surgery. Often times, it is ridicule that has been endured since childhood. For this reason, it has become more common for people to undergo nose surgery when their nose is full grown, at a young age. Though, people of all adult ages undergo rhinoplasty.

In fact, today there are less invasive options for nose surgery to attract patients. Plastic surgeons may use a “scarless rhinoplasty” approach involving facial fillers to reshape the nose. There is also the closed rhinoplasty approach that focuses on performing the procedure through incisions that are made inside the nose. Open rhinoplasty is still an option when necessary. Some may feel that the open approach is intimidating because discreet incisions may be made on the nose such as below or on the sides of the nose. However, even the open approach is more advanced with smaller instruments that provide less invasiveness. People who feel that their confidence is lacking because of ridicule usually do not ultimately mind any approach to nose surgery. Indeed, nose surgery can be gratifying in many ways.

Having Liposuction? Consider Arnica Montana

In the 1600’s, Matthiolus, an Italian physician, touted the benefits of Arnica Montana, an herbal remedy derived from a flowering plant. Since then, Arnica Montana …

Gambling Superstitions All-around the World: A new Dwell Infographic


Here’s a question for you: are you superstitious? Most people won’t admit it, even if they’ve occasionally knocked on real wood or maybe crossed their arms to avoid bad luck. Responsible since charged, right? When there a variety of people which don’t take superstitions seriously, most cultures have nurtured some of these values rapid especially when it comes to playing casino games or Online Casino Malaysia in land-based internet casinos. Obviously, these superstitions possess extended themselves to on-line internet casinos nowadays, too. Currently we’re going to head out over several of the reputed wagering superstitions by all above the world and possibly those a great deal weirder ones you might certainly not have ever heard about.

Together with that’s not all! We have access to ready a cool, exceptional animated infographic highlighting precisely those stranger superstitions by various countries you may well not be informed regarding. Ready to dive in to the great world of common and unheard of online casino superstitions with us? Let’s roll!

Most Common Wagering Superstitions All Over typically the World

Gamblers are consideration to be being among the most irrational people and there are really tons of different misguided beliefs players have faith in. These philosophy manifest in several forms; a few players get attached in order to physical objects or perhaps exercises; others, however, adhere to specific numbers as well as colours as soon as playing in land-based as well as online casinos. Just before many of us move on to our own dwell infographic illustrating this lesser known superstitions, let people quickly check out some involving the most common gaming superstitions from around the world, shall we all?

Playing Colours: When in Skepticism, Wear Red

One involving the most fascinating plus popular superstitions that can come through Asia is that reddish colored is a blessed gambling colouring. More particularly, to get Chinese language people red is usually the shade of riches and, therefore , a good colouring that produces good fortune. So what do superstitious gamblers do? They generally don red shoes, crimson underwear, red pants or any various other item regarding …

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