At the end of April 2003, disaster struck. My reseller account, from which I hosted chroniclesofempire.net and foundationist.org, was hacked. The server was in a bad way. While I frantically kept the forum databses backed-up everything suddenly went dead. The sites were no longer online.

Apparently, the server had been forcibly removed after the hack attack. No one told me, until a week later, what had happened. Everything was down.

My entire internet presence revolves around one single issue – promoting my writings to an online audience. And cicumstance had found a horrible way of removing that single feature.

I had been considering expanding my onlione presence through other websites – now I realised would be the best time to do it.

And this time, I would host each individual site across different webhosting companies using completely different datacenters all over the world.

Through this network of domains I would ensure full website redundancy. Although this network would aim towards the single hub of the chronicles-network, in the event of even a massive datacenter failure, I could ensure that internet presence remained solid. No calamity, save for the complete destruction of the United States of America, can destroy this now. And should any single site go offline, there are plenty of other sites from which I can communicate with my regular audience.

Essentially, I am now trying to create a mini internet empire. By expanding my domain network, and mixing it with some search engine optimisation, I will attempt to capture as much internet traffic showing an interest in areas related to the science-fiction and fantasy market. Ultimately I will attempt to funnel this traffic into the chronicles-network, where I can then expose a greater number of people to the entire “Chronicles of Empire” concept than I could have otherwise.

It remains to be seen whether I will succeed.

Feel free to check out the status of the domain network